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Dr Dominik Waßenhoven

Lecturer (Akademischer Rat)
Contact person for traineeships of M.A. students

Contact details

Office: Philosophikum, 4.126
Phone: +49 221-470 2720

Twitter: @domwasz
Humanities Commons: domwass
ORCID iD: 0000-0001-8154-6053


Postal address

University of Cologne
Department of History
Medieval History
50923 Cologne

Office Hours

Due to the COVID-19 situation there are no personal office hours at the moment. If you have any issues that cannot be solved via e-mail, please contact me in order to make an appointment for a phone or skype call.

Submitting Student Essays

If you hand in an essay, it is currently not necessary to present a hard copy – the electronic version is sufficient for the time being. You can send a hard copy including a signed declaration on good scientific practice at a later date. Please don’t come to the University in person in order to submit your essay.

You have to submit your essay as a hard copy as well as in electronic format (PDF). In order to meet the deadline it is sufficient to hand in the PDF file. Please convert your document to PDF, since a scan of the hard copy is unsuitable.

The hard copy along with the declaration on good scientific practice can be submitted in the following ways:

Submission at the Department’s Secretary’s Office (Philosophikum, Office 3.009, Third Floor)
Submission into the postbox next to Office 3.009
• Posting (Postal address: see above)

You should put the hard copy into an envelope or a simple transparent cover. Please do not staple the hard copy and do not use folders, folder files, spring binders or similar, because I am not able to give them back to you and I have no use for it.

Registration for an Oral Exam

You have to register for an oral exam both in KLIPS 2.0 as well as in my office hours. Please bring the completed registration form; on the Department’s website you will find the registration forms corresponding to your degree.

Exam Licences

  • Bachelor exam (oral) und Bachelor thesis
  • State examination:

    • Fachprüfung 1 (oral exam)
    • Fachprüfung 2 (written exam)

  • Written exam in teacher training program