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Karina de la Garza-Gil

PhD Student

PhD Project

Early printing practice and printing technology in Cologne, 1465 - 1501 (Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Sabine von Heusinger, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schmitz)

By means of collecting, analysing, comparing, and evaluating material evidence of Cologne incunabula I aim to determine: the relation between printing practices and printing technology used by 15th century printers, whether and how fifteenth-century printers in Cologne were employing similar – or different – printing practices, and how the transition from the one-pull press to the two-pull press is evidenced in this city.

The research method lies within analytical bibliography. Specialised techniques to analyse imposition, gathering structure and collation are being used, as well as a careful recording and examination of the handling of raw materials, most importantly paper.

Brief curriculum vitae

Higher Education

1987-1991 B.A. Graphic Design and Advertisement (CEDIM, Mexico)

2010-2012 M.A. Library and Information Studies (UCL, UK)

from 2013 PhD student Medieval History (Universität zu Köln, Germany)

Relevant Work Experience

2009-2013 Bodleian Libraries of the University of Oxford, UK. Library Assistant, Legal Deposit Operations

2012-2013 Bodleian Libraries of the University of Oxford, UK. Senior Library Assistant, Foreign Cataloguing

from 01. 2019 Bischöfliches Diözesan Archiv Aachen, Librarian

Grants and Awards


• Falconer Madan Award, major grant from the Bibliographical Society UK in conjunction with the Oxford Bibliographical Society for research at Oxford

• IPID4all (International Promovieren in Deustchland - for all) grant from 'a.r.t.e.s' Graduate School of the Humanities Cologne for research at London

• Visiting Scholar, Bodleian Libraries of the University of Oxford, Centre for the Study of the Book


• Printing Historical Society grant for research at Cambridge


• Delmas Foundation (via SHARP) for active participation SHARP 2017

Publications in preparation

"Druckpraktiken in Köln im 15. Jahrhundert", in: Wolfenbütteler Notizen zur Buchgeschichte 42 (2017) 1/2, pp. 1-8

"Early Printing in Cologne: Setting in non-sequential order and printing with a one-pull press", in: Quaerendo (forthcoming)

Papers at conferences


• Ulrich Zell's workshop: The house of errors? (Conference: 'Error and Print Culture, 1500-1800', Centre for the Study of the Book, University of Oxford)

• Material evidence in Cologne incunabula 1465-1501 (Conference: 'Landmarks in printing: From origins to the digital age', Printing Historical Society, London)


• Druckpraktiken in Köln im 15. Jahrhundert (Symposium zur Inkunabelkunde und Überlieferungsgeschichte, Mainz)


• Hät et noch immer jot gegange? Work-in-progress report: Early Printing Practice and Printing Technology in Cologne 1465 - 1501 (Research seminar: Neue Forschungen zur Mittelalterlichen Geschichte, Universität zu Köln)

• Workshop (organisation and execution): Die Materialität Kölner Inkunabeln, auf der Suche nach Evidenz ihrer Produktion (Arbeitskreis Materielle Kultur Kölns im Mittelalter, Universität zu Köln)


• Das Drucken von Quartausgaben in Köln, 1465-1475 (Research seminar: Neue Forschungen zur Mittelalterlichen Geschichte, Universität zu Köln)

• Printing Technology and Work Organisation in the Printing House, Cologne 1470-1475. (Conference: SHARP 2017 'Technologies of the Book', University of Victoria, Canada)

• Close Encounters of the Moveable Type: Evidence for Printing Practices in Cologne 1465-1475 (Research Seminar, Lund University, Sweden 4th October 2017)